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Welcome to the Equitable Society Research Cluster (ESRC) website!

The Equitable Society Research Cluster (ESRC) was established in January 2014 to focus on recognizing and promoting a common commitment to opportunity and fairness and a sense of shared destiny among the community. ESRC advances inter and multi-diciplinary research and policy analysis that seek to overcome pressing social and economic disparities. The research focus a as follows:

  • Globalization and inequality
  • Globalization and democracy
  • Social capital
  • Breakdown in social cohesion
  • Corporate/other forms of governance
  • Role of government in redistribution and opportunity
  • Effect of deregulation
  • Consumerism
  • Equitable development
  • Equitable access to services
  • Innovative approaches and mechanism to promote equality.


ESRC also coordinate UM Grand Challenge (GC) with the theme "Pushing Economic Borders" where wide ranging multi-disciplinary research programmes would be carried out in areas such as innovative product and process development, human resource/skills development, business development, creation of high income jobs and improvement of national competitiveness. Research programmes may relate to the 12 NKEAS identified under the national Economic Transformation Programme formulated to propel Malaysia towards becoming a high income nation by 2020. The themes for this UM Grand Challenges are as follows:


  • Labour migration across borders
  • Human capital development for a high income nation
  • Wealth creation through entrepreneurship
  • Income-enhancing platform technology .

Equitable Society Research Cluster or ESRC will be using new email address for all communication purposes effective from May 2014.


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